Mano’s Brewmaster creates handcrafted microbrewed beers using a traditional brewer’s art and the finest natural ingredients, including Saskatchewan raised malts, Yakama Valley hops and the highest quality of liquid yeast.

We operate a 10 barrel brewery designed and installed by Newlands Brewing Systems of Abbotsford, British Columbia. Our brewery features a cold room specially designed for lagering to provide our beers with a traditional character and complexity of a lager beer.

Our carefully controlled process creates one of the best beers you’ll find anywhere.


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white bison


White Bison “Wild and Smooth” Pale Ale

Thanks not only to our award-winning label, the White Bison pale ale has become one of our most popular brands. Borrowed from Greek Mythology, the bison, or “Visonas” had few predators, and was a beautiful creature- as rare as one in 10 million. Men would often attempt to kill the Bison for its beautiful drinking horns, so we raise our horns to you! As white as the beautiful bison, our pale ale is smooth and sweet.. and a rare find.

Available in both lounge and offsale.




Appaloosa Smooth Lager


As you sip our Appaloosa lager, you might be interested to know that it’s image has decorated the walls of Ancient Greece – all the way back to the 600BC! These beautiful animals have been selectively bred over thousands of years, so that the result is strong, fast, and versatile, just like our beer- good for any occasion, and sure to please.

Available in both lounge and offsale.



white tail

Whitetail smooth lager

The Canadian Whitetail Lager is made from the same Saskatchewan raised barley that the whitetail deer has been grazing on in the grain belt of Saskatchewan. The purest of water and the finest of hops aged at cold temperatures give this beer its cool, clean, crisp taste and leaves no aftertaste.

Available in both lounge and offsale.



gulo gulo

Gulo Gulo “The Wolverine”
(Red Amber Ale)

This beautiful animal is quick, silent, deadly and determined to win. For it’s size, it is a powerful predator, making the Tasmanian Devil look like a sissy. It is believed it possesses magical powers that ward off evil spirits. Mano’s created Gulo Gulo to ward off modern day evil spirits such as chemical preservatives, additives, and adjuncts. One taste and you can tell it does it’s job very well. This unique blend is a smooth beer with hints of chocolate, rich in wild taste, making you want more. It deserves a name like ‘Devil of the North’.

Available at offsale.


Stripped Tease

Stripped Tease
(Malt Iced Tea Cooler)

An iced tea with a wild side, this malt based beverage will be sure to cool you off. As you peel off your layers, let Stripped Teas show you a good time... at 7%/vol. – serve with a lemon over ice.

Available at offsale.



bullrush barley

Bullrush Barley Wine


Bullrush. Rich. Robust. Red. The cognac of beers. Pure filtered water. Carefully selected malts. Butterscotch and fudge.

Bullrush. A personal experience. Sounds and silence. Shallow lakes. Wetland marshes. Grasses and reeds. Waterfowl and frogs. Sunshine and rain. Laughter and love.

Bullrush. Soft. Strong. Graceful. Bold. Guardian of the water. Of memories and dreams. Of yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Taste the wild sweetness of Bullrush and experience the familiar in a whole new way.

Bullrush. Product of Canada. Of imagination. Of attitude.


Available at offsale.