We are pleased to offer some of the best selection of kegs in Saskatoon. Whether you’re planning a backyard party or hosting a wedding, we can find a solution for your needs!

We offer two options for keg service:

  • Keg & tub filled with ice, and dispensed using a manual keg pump
  • Two-tap Keg-O-Rater (can fit two 30 litre kegs, or one 59 litre keg)

If you want a keg TODAY, we carry certain brands for our lounge, these are:

  • Mano’s Whitetail Lager 59L 
  • Mano’s Gulo Gulo Amber Ale 59L 
  • Budweiser 59L 
  • Kokanee 59L 
  • Alexander Keiths 59L
  • Molson Pilsner 59L 
  • Coors Light 59L 
  • GW Original 16 59L 

We also have some smaller kegs available at your request:

  • Coors Banquet 20L 
  • Dos Equis 20L 
  • Granville Island Summer Ale 30L 
  • GW Original 16 30L 
  • Peroni 30L 

Chances are, we will have at least one of these brands – please phone ahead to be sure. We do receive beer twice/week, so if we’re out, we can have it in stock within four days maximum.

If you would like to purchase a keg that is not in our regular inventory, there are a few options. You can order something off our regular catalogue (max 4 days to arrive), or you can request a special order (anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to arrive).

Don't hesitate to call for pricing or ordering!